A documentary series about Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Highly Sensitive children


I believe that We can change the world by changing the way we raise our children….



Children are our future. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. What we are teaching our children has the ability to define how we will be experiencing this world in the near future.

Teaching our children to feel empowered in who they are, teaching them how to love themselves, live in integrity & truth, is the cornerstone of a generation of peacemakers and creators for positive change.

This documentary series explores the question of what kind of structure and guidance children require in order to become the changemaker generation. Interviews with educators, health care professionals, parents and children provide solutions on how to raise empowered and compassionate human beings.

Generation Indigo!!!


Who are the indigo, crystal and rainbow children....

The term Indigo Children was originally coined by Nancy Tappe, a synesthete who developed her own synesthetic perceptions into a formalized, structured system of information. In the late 1960s Nancy began seeing an indigo blue color around children with specific personally traits. In her extensive research she compiled the personality and behavior of the "new color."  

Traits of the Indigos

These children do not to fit the status quo. Head strong but yet highly sensitive, they tend to forge their own path from an early age. They have a high level of integrity, a deep sense of compassion as well as an understanding about their life purpose. They are able to see through lies and point out things that are not the truth, often coming with a strong energy of defiance. 

These kids often have a have time with the way the education system is set up and need additional outlets the express their creativity, intelligence, talents and interests. They are wise beyond their age. They seek the company of like-minded people. 

Due to their non-conformity, high energy levels and defiant nature, nowadays many of the Indigo kids have been labled with a psychatric disorder. Over the past two decades we have seen a huge increase in diagnosis such as ADD/ADHD, Opposition Defiance Disorder or Social Behavioral Disorder. Since 1994, the annual amount of Methylphenidat (an ADHD drug) has increased by 5267%. In the United States close to 1 million children age 18 and younger are currrently on some kind of psycho-active medication. 

Does that mean our world is becoming more and more metally ill? No! I don't believe that. What I believe though is that this is a sign for us, the adults, to change the way we have been living.

For millennia, this world has been a place of wars, corruption, lies and destruction. These kids are here to ask us to change our ways. They are inviting us into a new era of peace, compassion, truth, understanding and connection. They are inviting us to take care of each other as well as this planet. 

In order to do so, we need to provide new tools and even education systems for these children who are here to change the world. 

Please watch our documentary series to learn about the gifts these children have for us, and share this information. Because the more people who awaken to this truth, the sooner we will be able to witness the change in the world!

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