Ke Koholā No Ma Maluhia Honua

A lot of people have been asking me what the Kohola Ola project is about and how we are involved. So I decided to put together some information for you. BTW.: It is really awesome!

1. The Kohola Ola Peace Project is the creation of a life sized copper sculpture consisting of a makuawahine (mother whale) and her keiki (calf). 

2. The project is being led and created by our friend Sooriya Kumar, a renowned copper artist here in Hawai’i.

3. The sculpture will front the Dr Agnes Kalaniho’okaha Cope Community Center in Nanakuli, O’ahu. Dr Aggie (as she is known on the islands) was a champion for Native Hawaiian health, education, culture and the art, and also Sooriya’s spiritual mother.

4. Matthew Nagato and Alexander Bocchieri are filming a documentary on this project that will take the message of the whale around the world.

5. Together with Sooriya, Jivananda and I are writing a book about Kohola Ola, sharing its wisdom, stories and messages.

Humanity has reached a critical point in its evolution as we are witnessing the destruction of this planet, the pollution of the oceans and the air, the melting ice caps and the fires that are burning away large amounts of forest, destroying habitat for wildlife. We can no longer point the finger at one another or stay stuck in old programs of hatred and separation. No. Humanity has to come together now if we want to make a difference. 

For the Kohola Ola project people of all walks of life have joined in the creation of the copper sculptures. For the past weeks we have seen more than 1,000 children and adults visit Sooriya’s artist village in O’ahu and put their mana (energy) into the pounding of the whales.

Art has the ability to heal, and it teaches us how to transcend boundaries and separation. Having people from different nationalities, cultures, religions and races unify in a common cause shows us what is possible when we work together.

Kohola Ola is not just the creation of a whale sculpture. It is also about becoming aware of ourselves, our community, our ohana (family). It is about becoming aware that we are all connected. In that connection between people, we realize that we are connected to Mother Earth and to all of Creation.

The moment we realize this truth, we can start changing the world.
This is the message of Ke Koholā No Ma Maluhia Honua- The Whale for World Peace.

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