I reviewed the last decade and this is what I found out!

At the end of each year I always reflect back on the past twelve months. During the “12 Sacred Nights” (an ancient tradition in Europe) I take time to look at what worked, what didn’t work; where did I feel I succeeded, where do I feel it could have gone better? what did I create that I am excited about? What dreams came true, which ones did I step away from, and which ones am I still working on? I reflect on my relationships, the people who have been in my life for a while and new ones that I met. I believe it is important to take this time of reflection as it allows us to bring the old to completion and make space for the new, but also become aware of the lessons life is wanting to teach us.

Each year I also pick my word for the year. A word that keeps my focused on what I am choosing to create. Last year I picked “adventure” and, oh, boy, has the last year ever been that: a crazy, beautiful and wild journey! (More on that another time)

As I sat down this year to do my past year reflections, I felt I needed to not only look at the past year, but the past ten years. After all, we just moved into a new decade! And wow, did that ever bring clarity to me. 

Here’s mine:

  • 2010 was the year of transformation. The previous year I had dove into learning how to uncover and clear subconscious beliefs that had been keeping me in old limiting patterns. And when your inner world changes your outer world changes to. It was the year I quit the job I had started resenting, ended a 4 year relationship, said good-bye to my awesome roomie Amanda and moved to a new place.
  • 2011 was all about new beginnings: a new home, a new job and a new relationship.
  • 2012 was the year of transformation: I got sick with a mystery illness that no doctor could really help me with. It was through doing the deepest inner work I had ever done that the symptoms eventually healed.
  • 2013 was the year of new foundations: I got my office in Santa Monica, met my amazing friend Susan, moved again and got my masters degree.
  • 2014 was the year of new creations: creating my own classes that I taught live and online as well as producing the next chapter of the documentary series “The Children of the Rainbow”
  • 2015 was all about building on those new foundations and creations: a new home (again), new office space, new structure for the documentary series, hiring support for the business
  • 2016 was the year of self-care: I did a transformational Twin Flame program, traveled to Bali and really created my sanctuary at my new home. it was also the year where I brought the message about Indigo and Rainbow children out into the world through the documentary series as well as tons of interviews which eventually led to me getting my own show, Rebel Hearts. 
  • 2017 was about loss and love: my beloved Grandma unexpectedly transitioned which put me into a deep stage of grief. Working through this grief and getting to the other side of it opened my heart in new ways, and shortly after I met my now hubby Jivananda. 
  • 2018 was the year of divine co-creation: I moved to Northern Cali to be with Jiva and we started our academy.
  • 2019 was really a year of adventure, coming to Hawaii and staying at our friend’s farm to work on the Kohola Ola Peace Project. 

Reflecting back on the last decade feels like 2010 was a lifetime ago as so many things in my life changed. Right before the beginning of 2010 I had made a commitment to myself to change the patterns that no longer served me. I had had so many dreams, but kept running into limitations and dead ends, so change was inevitable. 

In 2009 we were working on a 3 picture deal, a $60 million dollar movie project. We had A-list actors lined up, an amazing crew, the best casting director in London, an Academy Award nominated co-producer, tax advances from the bank, only to have our investor’s company crash right before the financing got finalized. Our attorneys were literally in the middle of negotiations when the market crash of 2009 affected our financing people and their company got bought up from underneath. We first put the project on hold as the new investors were still interested in financing our films, but eventually the deal fell through completely and no new financing was in sight. All that send me into a spiral of frustration, anger and hopelessness, and I knew I needed to do something different.

The year prior I had discovered belief work, and after our project failed, I threw myself into uncovering what kind of subconscious beliefs were affecting me and my dreams in a negative way. What was present that prevented me from living the life I had imagined? 

The past decade is really a reflection of that. Weeding out limiting beliefs, pivoting my life; going into the next round of weeding and pivoting again. Removing layers of old, outdated patterns so that the new can come in, step by step. Becoming clear of what it is that I really want and what it is that external influences told me I should do. Aligning more and more with my truth, refusing to compromise, and allowing a higher guidance to illuminate the path.

I am ready though for the new visions that have sprouted to grow and blossom. I am ready for a new level of love, abundance and fulfillment to manifest during the next decade. 

I’d love to support you in creating transformation in the areas of your life where you feel stuck, where you feel that things haven’t really been working out or where you are still waiting for clarity to come in.

There are so many tools that have helped me clear the old, remove limitations, change false beliefs about myself and the way the world works. These tools have helped me manifest love, abundance, career success and so much more, and I want to share them with you!

Together with Jivananda (hubby) we have started compiling tools that have transformed our lives. We are really excited to start sharing with you what we have learned. So stay tuned to see what we have coming up. Hope you’ll join us to receive the support that you so deserve!!

Much love,


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