How are you (being) programmed…?

Sooo, I have to admit, Jivananda and I are movie buffs. We really enjoy watching a good TV show or a good film. However, as we are doing more and more inner work, our sensitivity (and even taste) in content has been changing at a rapid pace. I personally have always liked Sy-Fy shows, Stargate Atlantis being one of my favorites.…I mean, how awesome to explore other planets and galaxies! A couple of nights ago I found a show on Netflix called “Travelers”. The concept looked really cool: people from the future travel to the present in order to change the timeline that created destruction on this planet. The show started out with some really interesting stories, and last night we were excited to sit down and continue to the next episode. Within minutes though the storyline turned dark. Suddenly it was all about kidnapping, murder, children bring abused…and Jivananda and I felt crappy. So we stopped, moved on to another show. Same thing: murder, betrayal, brutality, no care or respect for someone else’s life.

Why am I sharing this with you? Why am I bringing this up?

What I would like to do is have you look at the thoughts, beliefs and emotions these “Programs” are creating. It is about murder, brutality. These themes seem to be moving through so many of the TV shows and movies. You see it pretty much everywhere these days, and it is programming us to believe that this is normal, that brutality, intrigue, betrayal, murder are part of our everyday life and nothing out of the ordinary. We are being programmed to become numb to this “reality”. 

If you compare the current content to that of the 80’s or even 90’s, you’ll find that it has dramatically changed. The energy of the films 20-30 years ago was much lighter, happier, there was a feeling of hope and fun present. Over the last decade, the content has become darker.

When you think  about it: how many shows do you watch were you feel elevated afterwards? How many movies leave you with a feeling of joy, love, hope, happiness? With the inspiration of following your dreams, feeling empowered or acknowledging a deeper presence of love in your life? How many shows are actually elevating the human consciousness? 

Then there are movies being made that actually are seeking to create awareness and elevate consciousness. But we watch them go like, “this is boring!”. Why? Why is it that a film that wants to lift our spirits is often regarded as not interesting? Is it because we have become so addicted to the adrenaline kick current shows give up? Have we become addicted to drama to the extend that anything that doesn’t pull us into a state of trauma is boring? 

A friend of mine once said to me, “The best thing you can do before going to bed is watching a two hour documentary about a whale swimming from one shore to another. Your conscious mind will think this is super boring; but your subconscious mind will move into a state of peace and serenity. Perfect before going to sleep.” 

(And not just before going to sleep!)

So, think about what you’re watching before going to bed? You might not watch about timeline travelers trying to save the world. You might not even watch homicide detective shows. Maybe you love soap operas! Just sayin’….

Think about it…what kind of drama is being portrayed even in a soap? Intrigue, betrayal, pain, loss. Love that doesn’t last. Love that isn’t true. And again, the mind has become addicted to the drama. Now, be honest with yourself. Would you watch these shows if the main characters all lived happily ever after? If they were all nice to each other? If the main guy would shower the main girl with flowers every day, and it would all come from a place of truth and honesty? Probably not!

So even if you’re not watching murder scenes, the programming is principally the same: that you live in a world where peace isn’t possible, where love has no room. You’re being programmed to the fact that life is a struggle, that you have to fight, that you can’t traust love. 

If you know my work, then you know what I have been teaching: Our beliefs (programs) create our reality. Whatever we are experiencing at the moment, whatever is being mirrored back to us by our environment or the people around us is a reflection of our subconscious beliefs. Since our subconscious mind entails about 88-94% of our mind, it is this aspect of ourself that is running the main part of the show, aka our life.

Our subconscious programs are statements or beliefs that we have accepted as true, whether we consciously chose them to be true or not. If you say something once or twice, it is merely an expression. But if you keep repeating a statement over and over, it becomes a program in your subconscious mind. A program that you are consciously not aware of is present. The same goes with statements that are placed upon you by the external, by people around you. It doesn’t matter whether you were told these statements directly by someone (such as in a conversation or by a teacher), or if you witnessed them in your environment. It is the repetition of these statements that will eventually make your subconscious mind believe that this is true. Unless, of course, you are consciously aware of what you are being told and negate it. 

Let’s put these two pieces together. Daily programming with negativity (again: murder, betrayal, struggle, fight) creates programs within our subconscious mind. Our subconscious programs run our life. What kind of programming are you exposing your subconsciousness to on a daily basis? What kind of programming are you receiving on a daily basis that makes you believe that this is the way the world works and in return you are now creating your world that way?!

How are negative programs that you’ve learned in this life or in past lifetimes being intensified, recreated, solidified or confirmed through the programming you’re exposing yourself every day? 

Here is another thought: over the past decades humanity has started to awaken to the possibility of a higher consciousness being present. A higher consciousness also meaning that it is possible for us to live in a state of love, empowerment, divinity and inner alignment. And more and more people are becoming aware of this possibility. They are becoming aware that there is more to life than we were made to believe. 

My question for you is: knowing that all of our main media outlets are being run by the same six corporations (*1), the same energies that have sought to control the masses for eons of time (*2), what if this negative content is being created on purpose? What if the awakening that has happened over the past decade has been threatening the powers at be and in an effort to counter it they have to create content that takes us right back into a space of hopelessness? 

But….what if by becoming aware of this programming it can no longer affect us? What if by becoming aware of it, it no longer has power over us?

What if we start to approach media content from a higher level of consciousness, being fully present with what is going on, being fully aware of the beliefs and emotions we are being programmed with? 

What if we started to create media content that promotes a higher level of consciousness? What if the media would be here to awaken and restore, promote love and peace? What if the shows we are watching are activating empowerments of who we truly are, instead of who we have been programmed to believe we should be? What if media content has the ability and power to promote a loving connection of all of humanity, respect for this planet, respect for one another? What if the media would bring the hope of a New Dawn of Consciousness? 

Know in all of this: the pendulum of light has been swinging upwards. We are coming close to the end of the Kali Yuga, the cycle of deep darkness and destruction, and are starting to move into a New Golden Age. The New Golden Age means the end of the control systems that we have known since the time of Atlantis . A new energy of hope is being birthed onto this planet. The influx of light is getting stronger each day. 

Be present. Stay in a vibration of love!

Much love, Kristie

(*1) = If you’d like to find out more on the six media corporations, I highly recommend David Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny”. It is available as a free ebook HERE.

(*2) = the current control systems have been present since the days of Atlantis. This is an expansive topic that I will be sharing more about at another time. So stay tuned! 


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