Kristie Reeves

I am an award winning producer, actress, a radio show host and what one would call an Indigo. Which means I am highly sensitive, but also very determined.

I was born in a very small town outside of Frankfurt, Germany and had the gift of growing up in a nature environment and a community where everybody pretty much knew everyone else.

Sometimes living in a small town had its challenges, but at the same time I believe it gave me the strong foundation that I have today.

As a child, I was on one hand very shy, On the other hand very rebellious and liked to follow my own inner voice when it came to making decisions. Which sometimes meant wearing winter stockings with a summer dress for Easter.


Years laters I ended up in the city of angels. A few years after that, during my six months stay in new york, my auntie (as I called her) shared an article about Indigos with me- and all of a sudden my life made sense.

We are currently in a world that faces environmental catastrophes, from global warming, to the pollution of our air and water and a large accumulation of trash. We look at the the war in the Middle East, the maltreatment of women’s rights and the lack of education possibilities in many parts of the world. We look at the lack of resources such as food and water in so many countries. GMO, corruption and violation of human rights.

At the same time there has been a movement in the recent past. Call them pioneers, visionaries, change makers, paradigm shifter, activists or rebels. They are here to inspire change for the better.

I hope this site will be able to inspire you to become the change you want to see in the world!!


Official Bio

German born, Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. After graduating high school, she received a teaching diploma in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance in London of which she became a member at the age of fourteen. She performed in numerous musical theater productions and choreographed and danced with companies in four different countries. She appeared in music videos alongside luminaries such as Jennifer Lopez, and has won numerous awards for her choreographies.

As an actress she has worked on TV shows such as “The Division”, “Eyes” and “Las Vegas”, and the films “September Song” (directed by famous German director Uli Lommel), “Sub-ter-fuge” and “In the Meantime” (which she also produced). The first film Kristie produced in Los Angeles, “The Dancer”, took first place at the Pasadena Arts Center Film Festival and won best cinematography at the Oklahoma Short Film Festival. Her film “Two Oranges and a Lemon” (in which she also played the lead role) has been the official selection of nearly 30 film festivals.

Kristie is the producer and interviewer on “The Children of the Rainbow“, a documentary series about the new generation of children. She is the founder of Songlines Film, a production company with offices in Los Angeles and Germany that focuses on conscious media.

Kristie has had a passion for metaphysical subjects and alternative healing since her late teens. She has studied and researched many teachings on ancient wisdom, alternative health and nutrition as well as how changing your unconscious beliefs can help you create the reality you desire. Kristie has been channelling information on ancient cultures, traditions and rituals, learning about symbolism, codes and sacred geometry.

Kristie is the author of several book and speaks internationally on self empowerment and finding your calling.

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