Kristie Reeves

Botanical Watercolor Art

It all started in Italy in the spring of 2022. We had been on a journey through Italy and finally settled down in a small, ancient Etruscan town, a good hour drive north of Rome. The town was surrounded by beautiful nature, rolling hills, and in walking distance to the lake. 

Maybe it was the energy of Italy, the remnants of the pulsing, creative energy of the Florentine Renaissance, a time of breakthroughs, discoveries, new creations dreamt into being...

Maybe it was the light that seems so different in Italy than anywhere else I had ever been...

Maybe it was destiny or a Divine timing being activated…

Maybe it was all of the above merging into one fortified field of being when I picked up my first watercolor paint set, brushes and paper at one of the stores in the neighboring village. I had done watercolor art as a kid and pre-teen, then put aside my paint brushes and focused on other creative ventures.

The thought of creating something beautiful at a time when the world seemed to become darker was not only inspiring, but felt like a necessity to my Soul. 

From the moment, I put those first brushstrokes on the paper, it felt as if a creative force had been opened up within me, and the artwork kept pouring out of me.

At the same time I found some wonderful instructors, such as Allison Lyon, Marie Burke and finally Anna Mason at Nature Studio, and I focused my energy on learning realistic watercolor art techniques. 

The art I am sharing with you is something that I feel is divinely moving through me. In a world and at a time where so many have been facing challenges, my intention is to show you the beauty, magic & wonders that are always available to us.

I hope that my pieces will uplift your spirit and bring a Divine healing frequency into your environment. 

"All I did was to look at what the universe showed me, to let my brush bear witness to it."
Claude Monet