In my last blog I shared with you part of my journey about growing up as an Indigo.

I had never heard the name “Indigo Children” until I was in my early 30s (not to date myself here). During that time I was living in New York, doing an Off-Broadway Musical in Manhattan, working on a film in Long Island and staying with my friend’s beautiful Mum who I lovingly called “Auntie”.

Auntie had a very similar story. She had gone to medical school to become a doctor in order “to not get burned at the stake”, as she told me one day. She had incredible intuitive gifts and healing hands and was always willing to drop everything in order to help someone else. It often felt like she so wanted to heal the whole world.

Here is a part of a message she sent me back when I stayed with her in New York and that she titled “The quest of who I am…and who you are!” May it help you find more of who you are as well!

“Finally I am enlightened of who I am and awake to my true greater purpose in life which I have been searching since childhood, but it has felt like the world isn’t set up to my kind.

Why? I felt wise (knowledgeable) to share wisdom beyond my years and that always got me in trouble. The obligation to conform to the ways of society’s logic made me feel out of place in today’s world as I developed.

I have always searched for an answer of why I perceived the world very differently than most people around me. And I often felt misunderstood when I talked to people about what is real in their body, mind and spirit as well as the elements of this physical universe.

Why? I have a strong intuition about certain things that most others do not have…this made me feel isolated and alone in my beliefs, to a point that even my family, friends and colleagues misunderstood me.

All of this made me feel anti-social and emotionally sensitive unless I am with like-minded people. I often felt disempowered and overwhelmed by too much authority imposed onto me by the beliefs of the academic scientific community.

I have always felt like I was born to accomplish a special mission in this world and cosmos, and that made my life in my adulthood very difficult, for I am a truth seeker.

I feel now that I am here at the present with insights, and knowing everything makes it easy for me to access the whole spectrum of what is known in the paranormal and psychic world without filtering or denying these realities. My mind sees clear pictures of what will be there for future technology, knowing what we need in the future based on what we have in the present.

Now I accept that I am here to help raise the frequency of the planet and everyone living here as a preparation for the quantum leap into the future, by bringing an unconditional healing of not only body, mind and spirit, but also the earth and the universe.

Finally, I am awake to my true purpose of existence. Now I have to exploit all actions of ideas, insights and mind development to be able to understand the reality of detachment and open mindedness. I need to heal my emotional intelligence of judgment, fear and confusion, past failure and guilt. Now I have to free myself in my consciousness and spiritual identity from unnatural energy blockages, and the karmic contracts that caused disruption in my lives.

Finally I have my freedom!!!

I can share my knowledge as wisdom to those who seek my unconditional healing love as I prepare for my spiritual path: to awaken and enlighten all Indigo children for their quantum leap into the future for a peaceful world and universe.

With my compassionate unconditional love to all!”