We are currently looking at the new generation of children, and their fearlessness to create change for the better. I’ve been working on a treatment for another project over the past months and in my research for it have been blown away by the courage, bravery and persistence of children who are not even 20 years old. They are the Indigos, the Warriors of the Rainbow and here to change the world.

So often, I am being asked, “So, who are the Indigos? And what is the mission of the Indigos?” Here are some of the answers:

  • they are here to usher in a new era of peace
  • they are here to help the world overcome the separation consciousness that we were taught and have been creating for millennia: differences between nations, cultures, races and religions
  • they are creating new structures based on equality, fairness, integrity and truth
  • they are helping us shift out of the Darwinian consciousness of the “survival of the fittest” into a consciousness of oneness and unity
  • they are here to transform the systems that no longer work: education, politics, medicine and media
  • they are helping us to find our soul purpose
  • they are teaching us that all life is sacred
  • they are bringing in the energy of respect, honor, love and appreciation for all humans, animals, nature and the planet
  • they teach people how to recognize and speak the truth
  • they are creating technology that heals people as well as the environment
  • they are activists, healers, artists, scientists, teachers and environmentalists who know their calling and have the courage to step into their mission at a very early age
  • they are fearless about their place in this world
  • they don’t recognize hierarchies, but see everyone as equal
  • they are here to make the world a better place

Now, one little note before I finish today: I am in no way saying that only if you are an Indigo you have these abilities, and only if you are an Indigo you are here to change the world. I believe that this ability to make the world a better place is in every single one of us, but too often we have forgotten this divine power that resides in every single person on this planet. We have forgotten our talents, knowledge and how wonderful and special we all are.

The Indigos are the trailblazers and they are teaching us to remember how fabulous, courageous and beautiful we are. That we all have a special place on this planet and that it is OK to step into this place right now!