So, I just got done prepping my taxes for the meeting with my accountant this week. For me, having my wisdom teeth extracted last year was less painful than doing taxes…honestly!! Even my cat leaves the house when I am working on the tax preparation.

I often ask myself why these systems are so hard for me to understand. No matter if it is the tax system, education, government….so many things just don’t make sense to me.

I am an Indigo. Us Indigos are often called system busters. We are here to change the systems that no longer work, that are out of integrity and that have had so much influence by the patriarchal energy that they have become rigid.

I often wonder how paying taxes would actually be a fun thing. I guess, I look at where the money goes and I wonder why we can’t invest into the future of our children and of our planet. Why the focus is so much on destruction (“let’s build weapons!”) and fear (“we need armies to protect ourselves”) instead of peace, compassion and creating systems that will support a mutual understanding between all people, that will build bridges between religions, races and cultures. I’d love to see my tax money go to new education structures that teach about our interconnectedness with the environment, that teach children communication and how to become strong and compassionate individuals. I’d love to see my tax money being invested in the perservation of this planet, being used to clean up the oceans, the air, plant trees and free vegetables gardens for the communities.

What good could we do with all the tax money we are paying each year!!? Really!!