On Friday and Sunday I had the honor to attend the planning summit for the WOW Center. What inspired and excited me so deeply over the past few days was the energy of the people present, their expertise and knowledge and at the same time a high level of co-creation and collaboration.

Our society was been so trained to live their life according to what Charles Darwin described as “The Survival of the Fittest”; competition, control, hierarchy and even back stabbing have become the norm. But how can something like that be “normal”?!

As an Indigo I never understood that. How could people treat each other badly because of the color of their skin, their religion, gender or sexual orientation? How could people disrespect one another because one person had a specific talent or a certain education the other didn’t? Aren’t we all the same? Don’t we all have special gifts?

I believe that a lot of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are old souls and they carry knowledge in their DNA of times when we all lived in Oneness. Their DNA carries the memory of a time when there was no separation, where there was equality and respect for all people as well as the animals and mother nature. I believe the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are here to teach us and bring back the energy of oneness, respect, equality, community, collaboration and co-creation.

Yes, some of the old structures are still present. Yes, there is still work to do. But the more we can listen to our children who have come here as teachers, and the more we can go within and remember our own wisdom, the sooner we can change the outdated structures of separation, hierarchy and control, and the sooner we can create new structures based on equality, respect and collaboration.

It starts with each one of us. What can you do today that moves you and your environment into this new energy?!