Do you ever have a great idea, a vision or something exciting planned in order to find out that all the forces are against you?

This is kinda how it had felt with this site. Over the past three months I’ve been plotting, writing, planning, organizing, journaling, studying, researching…. (am I forgetting anything?) about how to put this site together and the goal was to have it up by the end of this month. Everything had been going pretty well so far. Then suddenly during the past week all the forces of nature (including my schedule) started showing up making it look like it wouldn’t happen.

And that can get kinda frustrating.

But I head learned my lesson to DO IT ANYWAY! I learned it during my recent trip to Manila. On the first day after my arrival I was supposed to give an early afternoon lecture and then a second one in the evening. Right around lunch time my left eye starting hurting and watering. By the time I finished the first lecture I had waterfalls running down my left cheek…and whatever I did, it wouldn’t stop.

We still decided to go to the second lecture and by the time I arrived at the place, I could not even open up my eyes. There is way more to this story that I am not going into detail here. But the main thing was, I was determined. I was determined to do the lecture. And I said “I will do this even if I have to do it with my eyes closed”. So I did. Fifteen minutes after the lecture was over my eye stopped watering.

What got started that night turned into one of the most incredible experiences of my life a few days later (again, that part is another story as well). But the main thing was that I broke through whatever barrier there was and it changed my life.

It is now nearly 1.30 AM and the site is up. Hurray!

So here it is: if we have the courage to break through our biggest fear, move forward on the path of our most joyful dreams and do it anyway, we will succeed!