Welcome to my Site!

My name is Kristie Reeves. I am a producer, actress and what one would call an Indigo. Which means I am highly sensitive, but also very determined.

I was born in a very small town outside of Frankfurt, Germany and had the gift of growing up in a nature environment and a community where everybody pretty much knew everyone else. Sometimes living in a small town had its challenges, but at the same time I believe it gave me the strong foundation that I have today. As a child, I was on one hand very shy, on the other hand very rebellious and liked to follow my own inner voice when it came to making decisions. Which sometimes meant wearing winter stockings with a summer dress for Easter.

The same time being very sensitive meant not being able to deal with the BS of my peer group. Watching the news on television I also saw what was happening in the world and at one time I decided to sing my favorite song “Ein bisschen Frieden” (meaning “A little peace”) every day hoping it would end all wars in the world.

When I was in primary school I fell in love with classical ballet. The dance studio was my home, my refuge from the sometimes a bit crazy world out there. As a teenager I spent every free minute dancing, performing with my school’s company and after graduating High School went to the Royal Academy of Dance to study classical ballet.

Years laters I ended up in the city of angels. A few years after that, during my six months stay in New York, my auntie (as I called her) shared an article about Indigos with me- and all of a sudden my life made sense.

We are currently looking at a world that faces environmental catastrophes, from global warming, to the pollution of our air and water and a large accumulation of trash. We look at the the war in the Middle East, the maltreatment of women’s rights and the lack of education possibilities in many parts of the world. We look at the lack of resources such as food and water in so many countries. GMO, corruption and violation of human rights.

At the same time there has been a movement in the recent past. Call them pioneers, visionaries, activists- or Indigos. They are here to inspire change for the better.

This website is my journey (past, present and future), my stories, experiences and sometimes also opinions on how the world works- and how it could work a bit better.

I hope this site will be able to inspire a change in you.